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Where have the last two months gone?

October and November really got away, and my last blog entry was October 8th! I didn't forget about all you kind folks that read my rambling. Joe and I made a last big push to finish Route 66 in Illinois with a few more research and other book-related trips (Springfield, Pontiac, Joliet and Chicago, Jacksonville, Carlinville) and put in many more hours to complete it. Expected release by Arcadia Publishing is in May 2014. Also in October, I did book signings at Lewis and Clark State Historic Site in Hartford and Leclaire Parkfest in Edwardsville, made a trip to Wisconsin and drove a tiny bit of the Lincoln Highway on the way home, went to the exciting Vic Suhling Gas for Less neon sign re-lighting, and of course watched the World Series. Five Arcadia Publishing authors were invited for a group book signing at Lewis and Clark State Historic Site October 12-13. Front row left to right:  Dee Reed, Mary Westerhold, and Cindy Reinhardt. Back row left to right:  Roxann Read and me