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On the Road Again...Finally

After a long winter hiatus from any research trips, writing partner Joe Sonderman and I hit the road last Saturday for a day trip down to Lebanon, Missouri. I'm working on a story for the issue of Show Me Route 66 , for which Joe serves as editor. Joe knows Missouri 66 like the back of his hand, but I wanted to collect a little more material and see Lebanon again before I finished the article. We started off early in the morning, long overdue for a road adventure, but taking the interstate to have maximum time in case we needed it in Lebanon. Lebanon has a very interesting library and museum set-up. They are both located in a former K-Mart store building at 915 S. Jefferson Avenue. The library has a genealogy room with quite a bit of local resource material. And the museum is well done, with a recreated motel room and diner plus many displays of photos and memorabilia. We worked quite awhile in the library, then had another tour of the museum before we left. The gift sho