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Why is the Blue Carpet Corridor BLUE?

Every year, leading up to and during the Blue Carpet Corridor/Miners, Mobsters, and the Mother Road passport weekend, I get asked, "Why is the Blue Carpet Corridor BLUE?" It's a fair question, especially when the old saying specifies RED, as in "rolling out the red carpet." Route 66 fans that are aware of the annual Illinois Red Carpet Corridor event (which is mostly everyone) have this figured out. But for anyone new to a Route 66 addiction, not familiar with Illinois, or just wanting an explanation, here's the story! The state of Illinois can claim approximately 300 miles of Route 66, and for event and marketing purposes, it's sometimes regarded as having three distinct "corridors." Each corridor has its own local flavor. The Red Carpet Corridor in the north end of the state was once distinguished by its industrial economy, such as in Joliet and at the World War II-era munitions plant at Elwood, and by its gangster activity prevale