Research Visits to the Litchfield Museum and DeCamp Junction

What started last Saturday as a photo-choosing and -culling session for our new book turned into a very pleasant afternoon in Litchfield and DeCamp Junction instead. We probably already have more than enough images at this point to turn "Route 66 in Illinois" into a two-volume project. But the mere thought of more vintage images waiting somewhere is always enough to cause us to jump in the car and head out after them. 

We took 66 up to Litchfield - there's construction on I-55 right now, as if we needed an excuse. First stop, the Litchfield Museum and Route 66 Welcome Center. Inside we ran into Nick Adam of the Ariston Cafe and Martha Jackson, driving force behind the museum. We spent quite a bit of time looking at the exhibits since Joe had not been there since they opened, and I had not been there since opening day, which was so packed - plus I kept getting into conversations with hometown friends - that I really hadn't taken a good look. This was special for me as I had lived in Litchfield for many years. In the Montgomery County Genealogy Society room, Carolyn Uchtman Blatter, a high school classmate, was on duty. Thanks to Carolyn and Martha for their help.

Taking 66 back south, we stopped at the historic Duda roadhouse at DeCamp Junction. There we met owner Loran Kovaly, who took the time to bring out some very cool vintage images for us to scan. Back in June, we had met co-owners Pat and Jim Moultrie, and they had invited us to stop by and see the photos. Well, we finally made it. There's a lot of character in this old building and it's still patronized by both locals and Route 66 travelers.

There are so many stories and so many great old photos still "out there." We are so pleased to be able to bring many of them to you in the new book. 


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