About that R&R

R and R. Which can stand for rest and relaxation. Rules and regulations. Or rock and roll. 

After the run-up to Blue Carpet Corridor weekend, I was really interested in some rest and relaxation. Also, Steve and I had family reunions the next two weekends (his in Michigan one Saturday and mine in Wisconsin the next Saturday). So we took the week in between off work and headed north. 

We took off on a Friday and had to be in Flint, Michigan, for Steve's family gathering on Saturday at noon, so we couldn't do much two-lane stuff. We did take time for a leisurely lunch at the Palms Grill Cafe and some photos while in Atlanta. While at the Palms Grill we ended up running into Bill Thomas and Rachel Neisler, who make things happen in the 66 kind of way in Atlanta. We took a look at the new "high striker" (strength tester, strongman game) installed near Tall Paul. We took a couple photos but didn't do any strength testing.

We spent our first evening on the road at a so-called Irish pub with a rock band, decent bar food, and some refreshing beverages. Just down the road we had lodging at a little cabin at the KOA. Love little cabins. That's my inner little girl that loved playhouses and cute little sheds, I guess.

Steve's family reunion in Flint was loving and fun. Steve and I've compared our family reunions since we've been together, and basically they seem to be "same reunion, different people!" Does anyone else have that feeling when you attend a family reunion other than your own?

We rounded out the first weekend with a great visit with fellow Arcadia Publishing author and great friend John Schultz and his wife Deb and daughter Hannah. This lovely family made us feel right at home at their lakeside Michigan cabin. Great conversation, a boat ride around their 80+ acre lake, and some wine made for a relaxing afternoon. We ended the day watching the sunset on Lake Michigan.

The Field Museum was our plan for Monday. I'd wanted to see the Vikings exhibit ever since the first photos of the Viking ship being unloaded appeared in the Chicago Tribune. Steve, like me, is part Norwegian so he was game. The exhibit was quite exciting, and I got to pick out my birthday present from Steve from the Viking exhibit gift shop. 

Then, at last! Charming Door County, Wisconsin, for four whole days at a sweet little mom and pop motel, with restaurants just waiting to be tried out, photos to take, wine to drink, and no schedule whatsoever. Did laundry once. Visited a state park and a lighthouse. Got supplies at the local market (hands down, best flower garden ever at a grocery store) and went on a picnic. Went to the beach.

My family reunion was poorly attended this time. We only have it every other year, and this year seemed to be rife with conflicting activities and health issues. There were just a lucky thirteen of us, but we had a great visit. Afterwords, Steve and I spent the evening working on photos and winding down for the trip home.

Sunday's drive home was pretty uneventful, with stops at the Dixie in McLean, another meal at the Palms Grill in Atlanta, and at the Dana-Thomas House in Springfield so we could get Steve's birthday present - a Frank Lloyd Wright design watch he'd been thinking about since we were there last year. I swear we ran into rain at the same point near Lincoln that we ran out of driving north ten days earlier. Welcome home. But about that R and R--it was good.


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