Top ten blog posts of 2015

Looking back at my blog posts from last year, I realized the most popular ones were not all of one category - event press releases, my travels, my fiction, or my own personal stories. The top ten were a mixture of all those. So in case you missed any of these, here they are in reverse order:

Looking back, looking forward (December 31)

Day #1 of another road trip - few signs (September 9)

A fairy tale genealogical story? (August 24)

Tentative schedule for Miles of Possibility:  the Edwardsville Conference (March 11)

Three trips in 12 days, or, how does this happen... (May 12)

Getting organized for the new year (January 21)

Fourteen authors signing books June 14 on Edwardsville's Blue Carpet Corridor    (June 11)

Miles of Possibility press release #1 (March 9)

Second annual Christmas story - "Christmas Eve at the Starlite Motel" (December 23) 

A plethora of events this weekend on Blue Carpet Corridor (June 10)


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