An afternoon at the Atlanta (Illinois) Library

Atlanta's beautiful library was the site of our Sunday "Route 66 in Illinois" program and book signing. The classical style octagonal building was built at the intersection of Arch and Race Streets in 1908 and is now on the National Register of Historic Places. It has been beautifully maintained and contains the original book stacks. Recent restoration work has enhanced the structure and made the lower level more functional for a variety of activities.

Bill Thomas and Rachel Neisler, directors, were gracious hosts. An attentive crowd assembled and stayed engaged with our tales as we ran a bit long with the program, as we tend to do. There are so many great Illinois Route 66 stories and we want to share as many as we can! Nice people, a pretty day, and one of our favorite towns on the Illinois section of Route 66 all contributed to a very pleasant afternoon.

Atlanta has one of the shortest but sweetest streetscapes on the Illinois route. The restored Palms Grill Cafe, Tall Paul holding a hot dog, the Atlanta Museum, and the Route 66 park are not be missed.

The Sunday buffet was over at the Palms Grill by the time we left the library, so we stopped at the Country-Aire Restaurant. The food was good and the decor has a nice familiar 1970s vibe.

As usual, Atlanta did not disappoint. It was a great afternoon.


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