Book signing at Litchfield Museum & Route 66 Welcome Center

On Sunday, Joe Sonderman and I did a very fun book signing at the Litchfield Museum and Route 66 Welcome Center in Litchfield, Illinois. We had a great crowd and had the opportunity to chat with a lot of visitors. It was especially fun for me as Litchfield was my hometown for over 40 years. I appreciate so many old friends, acquaintances, and extended family stopping by! Thank you so much! And thank you to the Litchfield Museum for hosting us.

Route 66 exhibit sign at the Litchfield Museum.

We do wish to issue apologies to everyone who came expecting to hear our "Route 66 in Illinois" presentation. We were looking forward to sharing the program but museum staff was concerned about space considerations and the lack of a proper set-up for presenting a program to a potentially large group, and so preferred that we did not do it. Unfortunately, this was expressed to us after the publicity had already gone out.

In the fall, please watch for us to return to Litchfield to give the presentation! We are looking for a good venue and will get advance publicity out.

History of Litchfield exhibit sign at Litchfield Museum.

After the book signing, Joe, his wife Lorraine, my guy Steve, and I went across the street to the fabulous Ariston for a great meal at an excellent table. My son's old friend Jimmy McBrain was our waiter, and he was excellent. It's awfully hard to find anyone that's never eaten at the Ariston, but if there's actually someone out there, and you're reading this, my advice is to stop the next time you're in Litchfield.

Waiter Jimmy McBrain with the Ariston's famous dessert tray. Photo by Steve Rensberry.

See you again in the fall, Litchfield.



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