Day #1 of another road trip - Few Signs

Most of you know that I've been putting in a lot of hours as volunteer conference director for Miles of Possibility. A lot of hours. Oh, and co-author Joe and I have a book submission deadline yet this month. More hours.

So, another road trip right now seemed crazy. Yet, I needed to get to my research institutions in Kansas one last time before we wind up the book. And it made sense to do some promo stops for the conference to hand out flyers, talk up the event, issue personal invitations to attend, and so on. Okay, it even made sense, once I was in the Tri-State area, to go ahead and drive the rest of the way to Albuquerque for a visit with daughter and son-in-law. (And have MORE stops to promote the conference!) The result of all that rationalizing:  I loaded up my trusty Prius and headed out yesterday morning the middle of the afternoon after I finally got caught up enough on work to leave.

As I'm sure I don't need to tell you, most of us roadies try to drive on Route 66 at least part of the way, stop for photos of everything (no matter how many times we've photographed that spot before), and take all day to go 100 miles. But here I was, staying on the interstate, making only stops as my comfort dictated. What was wrong with that picture?

I put in a half-day's work and then some on the conference before I even took off. And my "to-do" list for the evening kept popping into my mind, intruding on the audiobook I was listening to. Here I am chronicling and promoting our favorite road with a book and an event and I'm zooming right by everything in Missouri to get to something in Kansas. 

However, I did make my first stop in Gray Summit so I was adjacent to the Gardenway and its signs.

And then I stopped at the St. James Winery for a bottle of crisp and refreshing summer white wine, which along with some grapes and some Havarti, made for a fine light, late supper after I arrived in Miam-uh.

But back to that travel dichotomy. There were few signs of this girl's Route 66 addiction to show for today.


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