Day #3 of another road trip - too much perfume, a nifty drawing, and some comfort food

Some days are definitely better than others, especially when it comes to research or writing. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, my writer/blogger/artist friends. Yesterday was such a great and productive day, it would have been hard to equal it, much less top it. 

I worked on the book all morning and that went well.

This afternoon I went to the county historical society. (That was where I was going to go the last time I was down this way but got sick the night before with either food poisoning or stomach flu. Blech.) So today I finally got there. One of the ladies had cautioned me previously on the phone that she didn't think they'd have an awful lot we could use, since she knew (from me) that Joe and I had pretty thoroughly combed through the Baxter Springs and Galena archives. But not wanting to leave any stone unturned, I went, just in case. I did find a few interesting tidbits, including this nifty drawing of the Baxter State Bank, which you'll recognize as the painted-over-with-drab-green sign and clock building.

The other thing that I got at the historical society was an asthma attack, fortunately not too bad of one, that the rescue inhaler eventually eased. Nothing sets me off quicker than fragrance, and the two super-nice, super-helpful ladies were super-perfumed. I guess it's a good thing there wasn't a lot there for me to do. I couldn't have stayed anyway. (I did thank them profusely and left a donation for their museum/library.)

I stopped in Baxter for awhile and then headed back to Miami. I needed a hot beverage and headed for a coffee shop but found that the Coffee Table had gone out of business. Back downtown I went for comfort food at the Mother Road Grill and had breakfast and a big mug of strong coffee at 4:30! Which was promptly followed by a nap. 

Tomorrow it's back to the Heritage Center in Baxter Springs and maybe tomorrow evening grab some neon shots here in Miami. I'd be good with more comfort food, maybe finding another drawing, but no more fragrance, thank you very much.


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