Day #6 of another road trip - Elk City to ABQ

Sunday began with light rain, a stiff breeze (it was Oklahoma after all), and a pretty morning sky, which cast a flattering light even on the campground at which I'd stayed. I had passed up the super nice Elk City/Clinton KOA, which is actually at Canute, because I wanted to get more miles behind me. 

But by the time I got to Elk City I was feeling tired and decided to stop. I had found a nice-looking RV Park online called Elk Creek RV Park. Thinking I'd found it, I stopped. As I paid, I found I was at Elk RUN, not Elk CREEK. Darn, I was at the wrong one. I hate it when that happens. This one had the most atrocious bath/shower rooms I've ever seen. Suffice it to say that I don't plan to stay at that one again. Do yourself a favor and don't you stop there, either.

In Texas, I made just two stops - one at a book store in Amarillo for another audiobook, and one at the Mid Point. When I'm on the way to visit my kids, I just want to get there! On my way back east in a week, I'll take time for stops and "hellos" along the way. 

Soon the landscape changed and I was enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mesas.  It was a typically beautiful New Mexico day. 

Arrival time in Albuquerque was a little after 5:00 pm at my daughter and son-in-law's, giving us a full evening for conversation and dinner. Sadie's is my usual "welcome to New Mexico" dinner on the evening I arrive! (Pictured:  chicken enchilada plate with frijoles. Rolled, not stacked. Red, not green.) I'll be at Erica and Ethan's for a week of visiting, attempting to spoil my grand-dogs, and writing. (Oh, yeah, that book deadline.)


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