Carthage to Edwardsville - Trip Day #22

I knew I'd returned to the Midwest when I stuck my nose out the door this morning at the Boots Court in Carthage! The humidity was back with a vengeance. Well, I suppose it was already there and it was me that had just arrived in town. Anyway, it was great to stay at the Boots again and I tried out a different room this time. I've included an interior photo for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of staying here. This place is a real treasure. I just love the feeling of going back in time when I enter one of those rooms - period furniture, wood floors, and no TV - but a "radio in every room," playing 40s-50s tunes. If I ever get around to writing one of the period novels I'm thinking of, I might just have to enter the Boots "time machine" and stay awhile.

Before leaving Carthage this morning, I had an early lunch and good conversation at the Carthage Deli with Deborah Harvey and Debbie Dee of the Boots. Always good to catch up with these ladies.

In Waynesville, I stopped at the Old Stagecoach Stop and also at the historical society's headquarters. I had planned to get there earlier in the day for some research and was running later, and they closed up several hours early, so that didn't happen. Excuse for a day trip another time!

After a stop at my esteemed co-author Joe Sonderman's in St. Louis to drop off some things I still had in my car from the Kingman festival, it was time to cross the river and drive on Illinois soil, er, highway after three weeks on the road. Steve was waiting to treat me to Mexican and a movie. Welcome home! Thoughts and a wrap-up on the trip tomorrow. 


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