Trip Days #11-#12 R&R in Albuquerque and an invitation

My two mornings in Flagstaff at the base of the peaks dawned with photo ops. The rain soon started again on Tuesday morning and followed me all the way to Gallup.

Tuesday and Wednesday were my first two days of R&R in Albuquerque with my daughter and son-in-law. Chicken enchiladas, movies, talking and laughing for hours, sharing stories, playing with the pets. So nice.

I also had plenty of communications to take care of regarding the Edwardsville conference in 2015. It's so exciting to witness the plans being made to travel to Illinois, the offers of assistance and support, and the genuine excitement building in the aftermath of my announcement Saturday night at the Kingman Festival. I can't wait to share my adopted community. More on the conference next post.

And I received an invitation to speak and sign books at a Northwest Chicago Historical Society meeting! It always pays to check your alternate email address.


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