R&R, some thoughts, and the road home

A week of R&R at my daughter and son-in-law's in Albuquerque was just what I needed - love, laughter, catching up, dogs, cats, movies, a small stack of books to read, green chile and other great food, some antiquing and thrifting, a walk at the Bosque. I also had to finish up my monthly column for the Prairie Land Buzz and take care of no small quantity of communications and phone time for the 2015 Edwardsville Route 66 Conference.

My announcement of the Edwardsville conference at the closing of the Kingman Festival seemed to release a flood of opinions, frustrations, ideas, suggestions, and complaints on social media about the status in general of Route 66 events, event planning, event sanctioning, event travel, event timing, and other related topics. I see the Edwardsville conference as a sort of hybrid event. We in Edwardsville are probably not going to fix any perceived wrongs in the system, except in terms of offering up a forum for open, constructive, pertinent, and hopefully dynamic discussion on the state of the Route 66 event. But maybe we'll be a breath of fresh air.

In Edwardsville we're darned serious about our historic preservation, Route 66 and otherwise. (We have several historic districts and over 50 local landmarks.) And we really do love community social events and know how to have a good time. (You'll see.) And despite our past lack of getting our local Route 66 heritage "out there" on the greater 66 community's radar, we do have some...local Route 66 heritage, that is. We'd like to share all of that with anyone who'd like to try something a little different, take a little chance on us, and come on out to Edwardsville on Halloween weekend 2015. 

As of today, I'm back on the road and headed rather leisurely for home. Here are a few sights, featuring New Mexico's brilliant blue sky, from both Santa Rosa and Tucumcari that I snapped this afternoon.


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