Trip Day #7 - Friday at the Kingman Festival

Today was the first day of the Route 66 Authors, Artists, Collectors,  and Associations Exhibition in the Beale Celebrations Events Center, featuring about two dozen display booths. After getting our display set up early this morning, my co-author Joe Sonderman and I zipped over to the museum reading room inside the Powerhouse Visitors Center for a little research. Then it was back to the Beale Center before 11:00 a.m. exhibition opening time. For a Friday it was quite a good crowd and we expect it to be full on Saturday. Some photos from our day in the Beale Center:

The Sonderman-Jett display after set-up.
L to R authors Michael Wallis, Jim Ross, Jerry McClanahan.
L to R collectors Steve Rider, Sharon and Mike Ward
Center, Japanese author Akio Takeuchi and his lovely family
Author Anne Maro Slanina
Dora Meroney, Old Route 66 Association of Texas, and Diane and Larry Clontz, U-Drop Inn
At exhibition closing time, acclaimed author, photographer, tour guide, and consultant/adviser for the festival Jim Hinckley gave five of us a great tour just northwest of Kingman of the area of the old Wagon Road, the Beale Road, and Fort Beale. The scenery was beautiful and Jim's anecdotes and history of the roads and the fort made it special. Thank you, Jim! 

Jim Hinckley, a great storyteller


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